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‘Think Different’: 5 Ways to Reimagine Seed Launches, Apple Style

Apr 5, 2016
By Edward Mabaya
Getting people excited about marginal gains in technology has become an art form at Apple. As an African economist focused on how to get better seeds to Africa’s family farmers (and also someone who clearly loves Apple products) I am trying to learn from Apple....

There is of course a vast difference between cell phones and seed. But from Apple’s launch events I have learned five key marketing lessons that could drastically improve awareness and adoption of better seed varieties by farmers across Africa. Read more

With message of food security for African farmers, Cornell expert gets new voice

Feb 3, 2016
Edward Mabaya, M.S. ’98, Ph.D. ’03, grew up on a small family farm in rural Zimbabwe. Now associate director of the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture & Development (CIIFAD) and a research associate at the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Mabaya focuses his efforts on sustainable agriculture to provide food security in Africa.
Mabaya will get a boost in those efforts as a recently named New Voices Fellow. The program run by The Aspen Institute is designed to amplify the voices of experts from the developing world in the global development discussion. Read more

Cornell students travel to Kenya, help agricultural businesses

Feb 1, 2016
Over winter break, a team of Cornell students traveled to Machakos, Kenya, to provide free advice to two local businesses in the seed industry.Through the Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Team (SMART) program, the students had the opportunity to learn from both businesses about the role of small-medium enterprises that give agricultural inputs to smallholder farmers in Kenya. They also got an in-depth look at issues of food insecurity, government policy and climate change. Read more

Growing global: Cornell continues to expand opportunities for meaningful international experiences

Oct 12, 2015
Cornell is and always has been a global university. Cornell faculty, students and alumni are connected through their activities to scholars and leaders across the world. The Global Cornell initiative, now in its third year, highlights the educational imperative of global education, including global engagement, and helps faculty and program directors across campus build networks to encourage and support development of meaningful international curricula both on campus and abroad...

  Read more

Students show off ‘SMART’ research at international symposium

May 18, 2015
Student projects with a global focus were highlighted at an international symposium held last month by the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development. The symposium featured a poster-paper session from the Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams program, as well as a panel on “Inclusive Value Chains and Economic Progress.” Read more