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Video: Banishing Hunger: Inventive Strategies to Feed the World

Jun 25, 2016
CIIFAD Associate Director, Ed Mabaya participated in a panel discussion, moderated by Senator Tom Daschle, on "Banishing Hunger: Innovative Strategies to Feed the World” at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Dr. Mabaya described the event as an exciting opportunity to put the spotlight on seed and TASAI on this global stage. Read more

Seeds of change: Cornell program strives to give African farmers better access to seeds

Jun 21, 2016
In some villages in Africa it’s easier to get Coca-Cola than the seeds local farmers need to thrive. It was that imbalance that first prompted Edward Mabaya, associate director of the Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD), to find ways to improve the availability of high-quality, locally adapted and affordable seeds for smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Read more

Seeds, Syrup and Subversion

Jun 18, 2016
Just six companies sell almost two-thirds of the world's seeds, and potential takeovers raise the possibility that number could shrink to three. Are we heading towards a world where all seeds, fertiliser, and pesticides are in the hands of just one company? CIIFAD Associate Director, Ed Mabaya weighs in on this topic on this week's BBC World Service radio. He is featured on "The Food Chain" podcast entitled "Seeds, Syrup and Subversion". Read more